Facebook Messenger is an extra resource profile using this network for easy connection and gives you barias interesting tools, besides being able to make the most with some tips or tricks that will now show in our article.

Play chess: That’s right, there is a command that allows you to play chess while you are connected to Messenger with a friend (a), one must write: @fbchess play when you do, a chess board and immediately appear will enjoy a good game.

Parallel accounts: For some time Facebook allows this mode, although some people use it for spamming, annoying or simply to advertise any company, program or Web site, it is a very useful resource to create two Messenger accounts and manage a without leaving the other with just going to Adjustment accounts and enter the data and passwords. For example, it can be handled in parallel a personal account and a work receiving notification activity either at the time.

Facebook messenger games

 simple changes

Change the color of the chat: A simple remedy but for many it becomes sympathetic. Just enter while chatting on the information icon, click on the Color and choose the color you want immediately both be chatting with a new fund, as we wrote before, is not a functional change of great weight, but can serve to customize the conversations with the person you like or with your best friend (a).

We hope you serve these tricks and have fun a lot in Facebook Messenger.

 Tips to maximize your PC Messenger Facebook, enjoy the best tricks that few people know of this social network, do not tell anyone.

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