Rio 2016 Olympic Games is a major event that unites millions of people around the world to support their compatriots. It is also an event where you can enjoy different sports where you are. Many of the competitors give their best effort to obtain the most precious and valuable gold.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games is transmitted worldwide in open signal, but Facebook as an important social network will broadcast the entire event so that you can view from your computer or mobile phone. This allows people to exchange different opinions on certain skills.

rio 2016

the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is transmitted by Facebook Live, through @juegosolimpicos account, there’ll have access to the best reps and achievements of competitors thanks to the agreement with NBC. Thanks to this agreement are possible this transmission live on Facebook Live.

Facebook always looking for that you do not miss anything, enjoy these Olympic Games Rio 2016 with your family and friends. You have in your hands all the Olympic disciplines and interviews of the best competitors. Rio 2016 Olympic Games airs on Facebook Live, here you will not miss a thing as you enter and find out.

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