Facebook is an entertainment space where you can interact with people around the world without any problem. Begin to live a unique experience meeting people who want the same as you. In Facebook you can chat online with several people at once and have a good time, you can also make free video calls or make calls.

To begin with Facebook it is basic that you are over 13 years old and that you add people you know in real life. As Facebook seeks the safety of its users, so be careful not to give much information people to people you do not know in real life. Access your Facebook profile by following the instructions in this article.

How to enter my Facebook profile

 Sign into Facebook on your mobile, tablet or computer follows, first you have to do is open your favorite web browser and enter this address Then you must enter your email or phone number in the first box at the top right and then your password.

Once you have entered your login details correctly without spelling errors, giving you finish this process click on the box that says “Log In”. It automatically will route you to your Facebook wall where you can view everything that your friends published in this social network.

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