Have a Facebook account staff but it bothers you that you labeled? One reason we do not like to label us is that we are afraid we have gone wrong with the picture or if the case of an embarrassing photo. Friends often labeled photo together, but sometimes you just do it just to annoy.

That you are tagged in a photo on Facebook can be favorable as it can also be your doom, because you never know what photo it can be and if it can affect in a way. To avoid these bad times we will teach you to solve this problem with this article entitled “I do not tagged in facebook

I do not want to label me on Facebook:

To get out of this trouble first thing you need to do is log into your Facebook account, then you click on the icon in form of arrow which is located at the top right of the page next to the icon in the form of the padlock. Several options will be displayed where you select Settings he says.

Now you must select the option that is on the left that says Biography and labeling, here you have the option to place yourself on you indicating the reference image. Clicking on edit and press the reference button and select On. Done this way every time you labeled Facebook will send a notice to up to you if you want to be published to your Facebook wall.

You are afraid that friends tag you in photos uncomfortable or out of tune. I do not tagged in Facebook, to solve this you must do a little setup your Facebook account.

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