A backup of the data we handle on a social network account, website, forum or any other system where necessarily have to use all kinds of data (pictures, music, videos) and many people sometimes want to regularly have a backup or backup of your data.

For those who want to on their own in the social network facebook, it is advisable to have the backup in case of emergencies and do not lose any content. Here we leave you a guide to know how to get a backup of your Facebook account:

Steps to back up Facebook

1) The first is to go to the upper right corner, where a small arrow pointing down, by giving clicked, a menu with various options and between these options opens, choose Configure your account note, with this, it opens a new window.

2) Near the end of the window, we will read the download your information option, there must click if you are looking down is just a backup with our information.

Facebook informs you in detail about the process

3) The following text appears, it is recommended that you read because it specifies that information are for downloading and even the mode in which usually download a .zip file.

4) Then you click download, but you will not see down the file immediately, as an extra security measure, Facebook will send a link to the email with which you created the account and will from that post, from where you can activate the download .

5) Youll get your Backup, remember keep it in a safe place, as it will have ALL conversations and data youve moved into your social network.

How to get a Backup of your Facebook account, this option will allow you to store everything you have in your Facebook account if you stolen.

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