Change Facebook profile image from a phone

Social networks are an instrument to be connected and give our opinion on certain topics that are shared on the network. But it is also worth mentioning that our Facebook account is a space that speaks for itself because a photograph on our Facebook profile can convey many things.

Facebook is a public space that will be seen by millions of people so we must be a retailer to improve our appearance. Change Facebook profile image from a phone is very simple and we can do it with a few steps. But for this, it is necessary to have the application on your device and log in to Facebook.

Change Facebook profile from phone

Steps to change Facebook profile image from a phone

The first thing you must make sure is to have internet on your mobile device, after that open the Facebook application and wait for it to load. In case you have not logged in, spaces will be enabled to place your access data (email and password). When everything is ok you must click on “Log In”. The application will ask you if you want to Remember Password here you can select the option you want “not now” or “ok”.

login to facebook apk

Once you have uploaded your Facebook account you must click on the “three consecutive lines” option that is lower right as shown on the screen. Then you simply click on your photo or name that is at the top to be directed to your Facebook profile.

entering our page facebook profile

Well if what we are looking for is change Facebook profile image from a phone you simply click on your profile image. Several options will be enabled, from which you should select the one that says “Select Profile Picture”. Here you simply have to select an image from your gallery or take a photo with your mobile’s camera.

selecting new profile facebook

Once the image has been loaded, you can improve it by clicking on “edit”, you can also add text at the bottom. If everything is correct you just have to click on “use”. Ready your new Facebook profile image has already been changed successfully. As you can see the process of change Facebook profile image from a phone is very simple, follow the steps of this article and you will do it correctly.

Facebook profile new photo updated