Change Facebook profile image from a computer

Our Facebook profile is the element that identifies us, that is why it is important that we have an appropriate image. What can we achieve with a good Facebook profile image? If we do things right, we can capture the attention of others and gain followers and add more people.

This time we will start to change Facebook profile image from a computer, do not fear is a very basic process that is vital to know. As with all processes, we must first log in to Facebook when you have entered your access data by clicking on “Log In”. When you are on your Facebook account we will tell you what to do, just follow the steps in this article.

Change Facebook profile image from a computer

Steps to change Facebook profile image from a computer

When you have uploaded your Facebook account, it will show you the news of your friends and others, but here we focus on locating your specific Facebook profile. To do this you must click on your name that you can find it in the upper part or in the left side as shown in the image.

Change Facebook profile

Once your personal Facebook profile has been uploaded you should simply point the mouse pointer over your profile photo, the option that says “Update Profile Picture” will be enabled and you click on it.

change facebook profile photo

A new window appears showing you images uploaded to your Facebook account so far. If you are looking for change Facebook profile image from a computer just click on the option that says “+ Upload Photo”.

upload photo facebook profile

Just enough to locate the image or picture you have on your computer and start it up clicked on “open”. This process is a simple one that will not take much time, you just have to make sure that the image has a good resolution so that it can be appreciated.

choose an appropriate image for the facebook profile

You will be shown the image you chose as a Facebook profile image but by default, this image will always be square. So Facebook gives you the option to crop the image as you want and edit it by clicking on the option that says “edit” with a magic wand icon. When everything is correct you just have to click on “Save”.

save the new facebook profile image

Additional information about the change Facebook profile image from a computer

Remember the profile image of Facebook will be published and everyone can see it so make sure you choose the correct one. I hope this content has been helpful and you can apply it in the future. Change Facebook profile image from a computer is a very simple process just guide yourself with this article and you will get it.