Change Facebook cover image from a phone

It is important to take care of the appearance of our Facebook account because many important people will look at our profile and see our most outstanding photos, that is why we should be very cautious in choosing an appropriate image for our Facebook cover. Since it is the largest image that occupies our Facebook and is the cause impact on the visual aspect.

There are many ways to change Facebook cover image from a phone but in this opportunity, we will teach you how to do it in the simplest and fastest way. Remember that to get started you must have the application installed on your mobile device and log in to Facebook. The cover of Facebook is the one that has more size so choose an image with good resolution.

Change Facebook cover

Steps to change Facebook cover image from a phone

First, click on the Facebook application and wait for it to load, now you just have to put your email and password where appropriate. Finally, you must click “Log In” (you can skip this step if you have done it before), the application will ask you if you want to Remember Password this we leave it to your choice either “not now” or “ok”.

login to facebook apk

We are already close to changing our Facebook cover, now we only have to click on the option that is in the lower right corner as the image shows, an icon of “three consecutive lines”. Now you must click on your name that is at the top to be directed to your personal profile.

entering our page facebook profile

When you find yourself in your personal profile you must click on your Facebook cover or click on “edit” in this way you can change Facebook cover image from a phone. It will open a tab with options here you must click on “Upload Photo”, it will automatically open your image gallery and select the appropriate one.

change cover of Facebook

When the image has loaded you should just square your new cover image to just slide the image up or down to find the correct position. When everything is ready you must click on “save”. That would be the whole process of change Facebook cover image from a phone as you can notice something very basic and easy to understand, now apply this process as many times as you want.

change cover of FB final step