Change Facebook cover image from a computer

Social networks nowadays have become one of the main means of communication that people use most frequently. A Facebook account has many elements inside, which is why we must be careful how we use it. The cover of Facebook plays an important role since it is the largest image that occupies our Facebook account.

We care that you always update your appearance in the social network so we will teach you the ways to change the Facebook cover image from a computer, the process is very simple and it will not take much time. It is important that you log in to Facebook before you start so you do not have any delays. Remember that the cover image is 851px by 315px.

Change Facebook cover image computer

Steps to change Facebook cover image from a computer

First, you must enter the main Facebook website, when it is loaded you must enter your access data such as email and password in the upper right corner as shown in the image. Once this is all right you must click on “Log in”. In some cases, it will ask you to keep your password stored on the computer but this is optional.

login facebook computer

Already within the Facebook account, you must click on your profile picture that can be found either on the top or on the right side. In this way, you will be directed to your main Facebook wall where you will find your main photos and basic information.

change photo cover facebook

Good to change the Facebook cover image from a computer must place the mouse pointer on your Facebook cover or press the icon in the form of “camera” until you enable the option that says “Update Cover Photo”. Now we select “Upload Photo” to upload an image or photograph that we have in our computer and ready.

update cover photo facebook

As we mentioned before, the measure of the Facebook cover is 851px by 315px, that is why only this part will be visible. When our new cover image has been loaded, we must square it. “Drag to Reposition Cover” moving the image from top to bottom until you find your best position. To finish you just have to click on “Save Changes”.

facebook cover photo change

As you can notice change Facebook cover image from a computer is easy to achieve just follow the steps mentioned before. Remember that a good cover image on Facebook generates a lot of impacts and you may receive more messages and friend requests. The cover of Facebook will always be displayed publicly keep this point in mind.