There are times when we get bored to always have the same cover on our Facebook. It is advisable to Facebook cover change sometimes not to be boring to others. What can I put the cover image? Well, you can put whatever you want can a landscape, your favorite band, cartoon, football team and more. Update your Facebook cover to show off your picture with your friends.

The process for Facebook cover change is very simple on the mobile phone as on the computer, just have an appropriate photo. When you upload your photo to Facebook it will adapt it by default only you need to make the corresponding frame.

How to change the Facebook cover?

This process is very simple with few steps consisting, first you have to do is log on to Facebook and place you in your personal profile is loaded correctly when you position the mouse pointer on the top right of the icon as Camera. A number of options where you have to click the option that says Post a picture Now you just have to locate the photo and upload it and ready open. Facebook gives you the option to focus and better position the image you selected.

Facebook cover change with a few simple steps. First, log on to Facebook and follow the post. You can any image in your cover no fear.

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