Because of the multiple suicide and self-destructive behaviors Facebook users, many relevant organizations have come together to stop this. It is true that we make public part of our lives on Facebook, but we also evident when we feel sad and misunderstood by society.

A study has been made in recent years and has found that many people who suffer from this problem, announced earlier in Facebook that will kill me after doing the action. Facebook with the help of mental health professionals and with the support of experts in suicide and self-destructive behaviors seek to eradicate this fact happens worldwide.

Facebook against suicide

The new Facebook application to save lives

This application is already available worldwide, used to send a report to Facebook on a suspected suicide or self-harm a user in order to receive help. Facebook will contact the person and give you three options help as: Contact a friend, get help hotline or receive some advice by specialists to get out of this crisis.

If you want more information you can access this site here, do not forget time to report this type of behavior. In this way, e can save lives and prevent further mishaps Facebook.

Facebook cares about its users, this time Facebook against suicide toast our helps people with suicidal behavior and self-destruction.

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