Facebook password change is necessary, but if not taken into account tips and tips necessary to safeguard the security of your account before, during and after the change, the remedy might end up feeling worse than the disease.

No one is free from hackers (computer users who can access our data). Facebook is a space we put much of our experiences as photos and videos. Protect our privacy on Facebook with the help of this article. If you have to, pay attention and follow these tips to avoid having major problems:

Tips and tricks to change the password on Facebook

For anything you use special dates: It is strictly forbidden to use the date of birth of your son, yours, your partner, it does not take hacker to test with the dates of birth of the person, their partner (usually stated in Facebook account of the couple with the option offered) and even some test combinations, to take care of this awkwardness.

Do not change the password in a public place: It is best, if necessary have to change the password, do it at home or on a PC where you have absolute confidence, sometimes not clear that new password will use, that doubt It leads us to do all the slower process and anyone could look at us as we tried one and another number.

What we should NOT put as a Facebook password

  • Do not use your age, date of birth or your partner.
  • Do not use your age or combinations of your age with your partner, children, father, mother
  • Do not use under any circumstances repeated numbers (000000) or simple sequences (123456).
  • Do not use old passwords, it is so obvious that even appears as one of the first recommendations on any system, account, network, forum, where we should use passwords.

You know, to have fun and stay in touch with people all over the world, it is best to be cautious.

Change password suggestions before Facebook, consider these tips to keep your Facebook account more protected, have your account secure only depends on you.

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