Well as many people know, this was a new update that I made Facebook a few years ago and it was allowing each of its users to have both a cover photo and their profile on their profile, the cover photo being the one see large size so that it can be visible to all those who visit our profiles. Change Facebook cover picture is something very simple to do either by phone or computer.

Like the profile picture, this cover photo is usually changed regularly, that is why there are many people who ask for help every day to successfully change the photo. Facebook is your best cover letter so you have to worry about having a good cover image. Log in to Facebook to access these options.

facebook cover photo size

Steps to change Facebook cover photo

This step is very similar to the steps of changing the profile photo, to make the change Facebook cover picture you must click on the existing photo of the cover, if we still do not have photos, the same step will be done, giving click on the box of the image, after this, Facebook will ask you to choose a photo, choose the photo you like and select it, once this step is completed you only have to click on the save option and wait for the photo load

Can my cover photo be the same as my profile? Sometimes people often ask this kind of thing, clearly, the answer is yes, Facebook allows you to place the same photo in both options without any problem, all this allowing the user to accommodate your profile as you like. Keep in mind that the cover has very different dimensions and it is likely that the image has much closer.

Facebook has many free features

This platform has proven to be one of the most complete of all existing social networks, where it allows you to manage it in a very easy way. If you are new it is likely that you adapt quickly because each option is located in areas that are easy to remember. Change Facebook cover picture is one of all the settings you can do on Facebook.

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