Facebook is the social network where many people can interact and have a good time. But if you want to have a good impression of your friends or other contacts it is important to take into change account Facebook cover photo because of its your letter to other users.

The process of changing the Facebook cover photo is very simple, but we recommend having an image with these specific measures 851 px by 315 px. You can upload the image you want but the Facebook cover photo will adapt to the above-mentioned measurements. The better the look of your Facebook account with these simple tricks.

How to change the Facebook cover?

Well for starters you should be in your Facebook account and place you on your main wall. Now you should direct the mouse on the icon of a camera in the top left of the page and you click on add cover photo. Several options from which you select the one that says Upload a photo are enabled.

Now just select the start and you click on open, waiting to be loaded and will automatically appear on your cover photo. Facebook gives you the opportunity to square the picture that you see fit, once this as finally pressing Save changes. Remember that the cover photo will always be public so that any Facebook user can view it.

To improve the appearance of your Facebook account is advisable to change Facebook cover photo temporarily.

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