One of the most frequent questions has been this, How can I receive more friend requests? To achieve the effect on other users it is advisable to make a change Facebook cover photo now, this is something very simple to do just follow the steps in this article.

Facebook has been characterized since its inception by having a very simple platform in terms of its mode of use, thus avoiding that users are difficult to make use of this platform. The Facebook cover is important because it is the image that stands out in your profile so you should be careful to choose one.

facebook cover photo size

How can I change the Facebook cover photo?

To change this photo or to place it for the first time, what you have to do is make sure to choose a striking photo with good colors and quality, since that will be practically the first image that those people that enter your Facebook profile see. Look for an image that has a good resolution and that reflects part of your personality.

After having said this, to change Facebook cover photo now you will have to press the part where the cover photo goes, after having done this, you will have to load an image, which will select the photo that you want to place, after selecting it, you will have to do the next step that would be to cut it so that the photo takes the measures required by the system, after accommodating the photo you must click on the save button and only wait to load your new cover image.

Can I add any type of image to the Facebook cover?

Facebook is not going to demand any type or model of the image, you are free to upload the image you want both for your profile photo and for the cover. But keep in mind that you should not put suggestive pictures and worse still naked because you can be penalized by Facebook.

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